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Sharing is Fun!

Avtor: Brigitte Weninger
Illustrator: Eve Tharlet

Theme of sharing – it’s much more fun to share with others

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(1-4 dni)

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Max Mouse is going to hold a wonderful Apple Party!
Until he discovers that somebody has taken away every single apple from the special tree.
Rico the dormouse has picked all of them and does not want to share. Everyone is so upset and angry – now what can they do?
Well, they can show Rico that everything is fun when you share!
Avtor Brigitte Weninger
Ilustrator Eve Tharlet
Prevajalec Ne
EAN koda 9789881512635
Založba Založba KRES
Število strani 32
Leto izida 2012
Vezava trda vezava
Promocija Redni programi
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